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Mobile apps are just the beginning...


ZITLdev is the Zombies In The Lab division focused on third party projects. We are a mobile development company founded in 2010.


We enjoy turning our customers ideas into real amazing products. From web to native and multi-platform applications, to IT consultancy and design of promotional graphics, videos...


We are a multidisciplinary team composed by experienced engineers and designers focused on innovation, user experience and quality.


Our Team

  • Iván Martínez Toro

    Founder & CEO

    Telecommunications Engineer, always learning about mobile and web development.

  • Daniel Gallego Vico

    Founder & CTO

    PhD in Telecommunications Engineering, passionate about mobile development and user experience.

  • Borja Sánchez Claramunt

    Founder & Creative Director

    Communication and Graphic designer, responsible of media creation.

  • Néstor Toribio Ruiz

    Graphic web designer

    Graphic Designer and JavaScript/CSS web developer.

  • Javier Cerviño Arriba

    All-end developer

    PhD in Telecommunications Engineering, front and back-end developer.

We Offer Solutions

You have an idea, we do the rest

We offer solutions for every step of the workflow. From the initial idea and consultancy, to the implementation and distribution. We are a flexible team that easily adapts to each customer needs. Are you a non-technical company? Don't worry; we will handle the whole process. Are you a big company with your own design and backend team? That's ok; we will focus on the mobile app.

  • Consultancy: our customers come with great innovative ideas, but they usually need some help with the details: web app or native app? iOS, Android, both? Will I need a server part? How does the distribution process work? We have the experience and background to help answering these questions; we have already helped many companies to turn an amazing but vague idea into a real world mobile app.
  • Technical and Graphical Design: once the idea has turned into requirements and mockups, our professional designers and UX experts love to transform it into an amazing user experience.
  • Multi-platform Coding: it is time for our engineers to make it work. Our qualified engineers are focused on different platforms, mainly Android, iOS and Web HTML5. We also build multi-platform apps, what let us develop faster and reduce costs for you. Most of the times your app is in need of a server part to handle user registration and so on; we can seamlessly integrate with your already existing server part or build and maintain a custom server for you.
  • Testing: quality is our recipe. Functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, defects management, performance testing, test reports... our QA team handles it all to assure the best quality on our products.
  • Distribution: now the app is ready, and we want it available for the end-users to enjoy it. Different markets have different distribution processes and policies, and these are not easy to understand and manage. Don't panic, we will do that for you.
  • Promotion: the visibility and acceptance of your brand new app depends on how it looks in the different stores. You don't need to look any further; we are lucky to count on the presence of graphical and video designers that build astounding promotional art and videos.
  • Metrics and support: the app is running and it is doing great. With thousands of downloads and great user opinions, we can help you with metrics and reports. We offer support and tracking, and we will be there to help you enhance your app with an amazing second version.


Technical and Graphical Design

Multi-plaform Coding

Testing: functional, performance, UAT...

Distribution in public and private Stores

Promotional Art & Video

Metrics & Support


Our Clients